Jun 02, 2021


Online tutoring is not as niche as it was prior to coronavirus lockdowns. Schools have to be more innovative to help students learn more effectively. While most of us are looking forward to realizing pre-pandemic normalcy, we’ve come to learn that certain industries just work better the more technology gets incorporated. For example, regardless of lockdown status, we’ve become accustomed to buying cars from Carvana, having meetings over Zoom, and visiting doctors virtually through Telehealth. Online tutoring is certainly here to stay because of how advantageous it is to both parties: students and tutors.

First off, online tutoring makes learning far more efficient. Students are not limited to tutors in their geographical area, and tutors are not limited to advertising in their immediate area. The implications of this are important, especially for students in more rural parts of the country/world. Gone are the days of needing to drive to a tutoring center or hoping to find someone who’s good locally. Now, anyone can have a meeting right away from the comforts of their own home with quality tutors, because online tutors are competing against other tutors across the world! This fact has wide reaching implications for advising as well. Students may have at one time been limited to seeking college admissions advice from their guidance counselor or community, but can now source advice from anyone.

You can also schedule lessons far easier than through traditional means (e.g. having to meet a registration deadline for a class or test prep center). Just schedule any time that works for you and the individual you’re working with! Also, since online tutoring companies do not have to pay rent, more cost savings can be passed on to the consumer. Affordable tutoring is often synonymous with online tutoring.

One of the biggest benefits of online tutoring, especially when it’s 1:1 as with remoteUprep, is that you’re able to stop the tutor at any time to ask any question without fear of embarrassment or slowing down the class. You get to learn at your own pace from home, which takes stress off of students who might otherwise feel uncomfortable raising their hand in class.

All tutors and advisors on the remoteUprep platform benefit from the industry low platform fee. This means that on remoteUprep.com, the majority of your money spent will go to the tutor/advisor that you meet with. The lowest platform fee attracts the best talent in the industry and makes remote learning way more affordable than it is at some of our competitors. That’s why our online tutoring is so affordable.

Additionally, a benefit of online tutoring is that it’s harder to lose motivation. Similarly to how most people are more likely to go to the gym if they have a personal trainer vs just a gym membership, your tutor is able to help motivate you and draw up a custom plan for you to achieve your goals. Good tutors don’t just complete a task for their clients. Instead, they provide the knowledge base and confidence to continue your studies even between meetings, in a similar way to how a good personal trainer can provide clients with the ability to effectively continue working out between sessions. Unlike gyms, however, remoteUprep will NEVER force commitments. We believe commitments take away from one of the main appeals of online tutoring: flexibility.

Interested in remoteUprep’s affordable, no commitment, pay-as-you-go online tutoring or advising? Once you sign up you can reach out directly to any profile to get started!

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