Aug 06, 2021


When students decide to look for a tutor, it’s most likely because they have a specific subject or assignment in mind they want to go over and perform better at. However, it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind and realize what your end goals are. For example, if you’re a high school student that is taking AP Chemistry, maybe you need help with some hard science homework. Maybe you’re interested in becoming a doctor or a scientist or are just so intrigued by the course that you want to dive deeper into it and learn more.

By meeting with a tutor that is further along in the very field you have an interest in, it can help you maintain motivation to continue working hard to aspire to be like them. Those who do online tutoring must like teaching and helping students, but their passions most likely lie in the very field they’re in! For example, a tutor that is in medical school or applying to medical school will surely be able to tell you which aspects of your curriculum are important to know one day whether it be in college classes or for the MCAT. Maybe you decide after talking with your tutor you do not want to further pursue their field and that’s ok! Learning from as many people as possible while you’re young can help influence your path to where it’s supposed to be, which will save you time and money in the long run. Before you sign up for pre-med classes, it certainly makes sense to talk with someone that’s been through it, as well as someone who has experience actually shadowing / working in the medical profession!

Since remoteUprep has the lowest platform fee in the industry, we’re able to attract the best talent to join our platform with many tutors being grad students themselves! Daniel Vernik, for example, scored 99 percentile on his MCAT after completing a Masters at Georgetown University with tons of real world experience in a lab. He’d be able to not only help you with whatever you’d need in the sciences but can also share his experiences and bring your curriculum to life. For example, many topics taught in a high school science curriculum are oversimplified to not be too challenging for students to pass, as well as to allow teachers to cover a vast curriculum. By working with a tutor who has done actual research experience and has learned these classes at an even deeper depth, they’ll be able to connect topics that might be glossed over in school to help your long term comprehension for your current classes and beyond.

Since you’re able to meet with tutors from all over the world with remote online tutoring, you’ll be able to learn from the experiences of our tutors. If you live in California, you can so easily learn what it’s like to attend Georgetown, get a masters there, work in their lab, etc by working with Daniel. Our other tutors are similarly qualified but in different fields and locations!

In summary, with affordable online tutoring, students are able to control the narrative. Meet with whoever you want to work with - ideally someone that will both inspire you and help you reach your long term goals. Anyone can help you complete an assignment and teachers have to stick to a curriculum. Private tutors that are online AND affordable can provide you with a tremendous amount of knowledge not only to help you in the present but also in the future.

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