Jun 15, 2021


Finding the perfect tutor for you is an important step in advancing your educational goals. Every student and tutor is different, so how can you be sure to find the right one for you? We’ve come up with a list of tips to help.

1. Subject Matter

Of course, the best tutor for you will be one who has a mastery of the subject you are looking for help with. Tutors who are marketing themselves for subjects they’re qualified to tutor on remoteUprep have hashtagged subjects, often with more detailed descriptions in their bios. If you’re looking for help with an essay, searching for “essay writing” can help narrow your choice.

2. Qualifications

When you’re looking for a tutor to meet with, it’s valuable to find someone you look up to. This could be found by looking at a tutor’s school, research experience, degree, grades, test scores, job title, etc. Just because a tutor has great qualifications doesn’t guarantee they’ll be just as good of a teacher, but it’s a positive sign that they can help as by succeeding themselves they at least have what it takes on a personal level.

3. Teaching Style

Every student has a different learning style and the same is true for tutors and their teaching styles. Since good tutors are able to adapt their approach to a student’s specific learning style, be upfront with who you’re working with on how you best learn.

4. Cost

remoteUprep offers affordable private tutoring because of our ethical pricing structure. We offer the lowest platform fee in the industry, which lets tutors charge an affordable rate while still being well paid. This attracts top talent because our tutors/advisors keep the most amount of what students pay compared to our competitors. Additionally, our tutors set their own rates, which provides flexibility for students to decide on a pricing structure that makes the most sense for them.

5. Location

Before the rise of online tutoring, it used to be that if you wanted to find a tutor near you, you were limited to a distance spanning your local community or a car’s ride away. However, this is no longer the case as the rise of affordable private tutoring found online lets students meet with tutors from anywhere. Since the technology for video conferencing has gotten so much better recently, meeting online can often be more effective anyway because of the abundant tools available on the internet to supplement meetings.

6. Post Session Instruction

Great tutors don’t just help students succeed during their meetings; they also provide them with the necessary supplemental resources to succeed in between sessions.

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