Oct 18, 2021


Historically, college admissions consulting was only available to wealthier students and their families. Many of you have likely heard of the college admissions scandal that Netflix covered in their documentary titled “Operation Varsity Blues” that saw the wealthiest and most connected in society be able to essentially buy their way into any school that they wanted – for a steep fee. 

A good college admissions consultant does not need to use backdoors or illegal practices to help students succeed. They are able to both help and remove stress for students and their families on the following items that are bound to come up during the college admissions process.

College List Development

Each student and their family start at a different point, and the first step of getting into your dream school is discovering what your dream school is. Are you interested in a school that has research opportunities during freshman year? Are you interested in attending division 1 football games? What subjects interest you most? What is your budget for college? All of these questions and much more help arrive at finding schools you’d most like to go to while additionally setting you up to have safe schools you’d also be happy to go to. This includes financial safety schools – schools that you should get into and also would be able to afford if you got little to no aid.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Planning

The best college admissions consultants don’t just help to get you in the school you most want to attend – they also specialize in making sure you can afford it. Many students and their families think filling out the FAFSA is all that they need to do to get aid or that they should be spending their time applying to outside scholarships. The FAFSA is a no brainer to fill out, but many families leave money on the table because they do not plan to legally have their assets and income appear as low as possible. There are many odd quirks such as your income is assessed from January of a student’s sophomore year of high school to December of a student’s junior year, while assets are assessed the day the FAFSA is filled out. Additionally, some schools have up to 3 financial aid forms that need to be filled out, and to get the most aid possible, these require planning as well. Don’t forget about the state aid that varies from state to state! Lastly, outside scholarships only account for 5% of all total aid given out, and since you are required to report this money to the colleges, many colleges just say “thank you very much, now we can give you less financial aid because you have more money.” Getting financial aid isn’t too hard for the average applicant, but a good financial aid consultant can save you thousands.

Essays and Personal Statements

Most students dread the essay portion of their applications. While 650 words for the common application might sound like a lot, it’s incredibly important to have a strategy on how to make each word count as it’s really not many words to get a coherent and differentiating idea across to a stranger who only spends seconds reading them. A good college admissions consultant can work with you to make sure your essays are helping your application stand out while bringing out your most authentic self. The best can save you time writing essays because they can help decide on good topics that can knock out multiple prompts.

Interview and Resume Prep

While fewer schools have interviews in the post covid world, a college admissions consultant can make you more ready and confident for any interviews you may have. While most schools do not request a resume as their applications suffice, having a strong resume will serve as a great foundation for filling out your application and for your future as a resume is a forever changing document. Working on your professional skills now can increase your chances of getting into school, help you have more focus on your application, and can only help you in the future as you start to apply to internships or research positions.

This summary is certainly not comprehensive, as a good college admissions consultant is able to tackle nearly any issue that is troubling a student or their family during the college admissions process. What makes remoteUprep so special is that these services, and many more, are available to anyone. Not only do we provide scalable video content that covers how to maximize financial aid and test prep, but we also have no commitments, ever. By having affordable, hourly pricing, remoteUprep is working to bring college admissions consulting to more families. Additionally, anyone is able to schedule a free college admissions consultation where our team will be able to provide 30 minutes to answer any questions you may have a risk free.

Hopefully, this article helped your understanding of what a college admissions consultant is and if it’s something that could assist you. If so, please consider scheduling remoteUprep’s free 30 minute College Admissions and Financial Aid Consultation.