Aug 22, 2021


According to the AACAP (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry), teens spend about 9 hours a day viewing screens. 1 While they share potential positives that screen time can provide such as being able to virtually entertain and teach, too much screen time can lead to sleep problems, fear of missing out, a lack of outdoor activities, and many other disadvantages / ailments.

Online tutoring is a top use of screen time because it’s active and not passive screen time. Students still get human interaction and are engaged in the session. While any educational screen time is likely better than non-educational screen time, being in a live session as opposed to watching a pre-recorded video helps students stay focused and avoid distractions.

As great as some educational apps or pre-recorded resources are, they are not able to read your emotions or body language, limiting you to the content contained in them. Live tutoring brings the added benefit of having a tutor make sure you understand a topic before moving on by incorporating relevant examples connected to your original questions. Online private tutoring is also much different than just additional teaching as provided in a classroom setting. Private tutors provide individual lessons and feedback in real time. Since these private tutors are essentially running their own businesses and client books, their high level of investment naturally rubs off on students who are then expected to put the same level of work in. This should also create a higher level of trust between a student and a private tutor than a student and a teacher because the private tutor has way fewer students and bureaucracy to think about when providing instruction.

Students are also able to gain social intelligence by working with someone in real time, and benefit significantly from live online tutoring as well, in part because tutors are able to see what students find most interesting and provide additional resources in that area of interest. This means that online tutoring can not only help you with the subject area in question that you originally came in for, but it can also inspire you to find another engaging form of educational content. For example, many students might come for SAT tutoring, but gain a lot from the relationship with the tutor along the way that might cause the student to read more based on discussed topics, broadening the students knowledge base and interests.

Also, online tutoring is unlikely to take up a significant amount of that recommended screen time a day anyway. Even though remoteUprep offers incredibly affordable online tutoring, it probably doesn’t make economic or practical sense given private tutoring costs and the fact that students already attend school 7 hours a day on weekdays during the school year. It’s a perfect supplement that most clients use in addition to resources that a school provides or to get ahead.

Of course, too much screen time regardless of the activity is not optimal. During online tutoring sessions or any virtual learning, be sure to ask for a break to stretch if your eyes are feeling tired. Perhaps try changing your screen brightness or the type of light emitted from the screen. Certainly be sure to take walks outside, exercise, and maximize all of your time not on screens, while limiting more unhealthy screen time activities to make time for more productive ones. If you’re looking to read a book for example but still want to allot screen time, perhaps it makes the most sense to read the book in print form instead of digital.

Remote learning provides incredible benefits to students and their parents. No time or money is needed to be spent getting to a tutoring center, students are able to meet with the best tutors because top online tutoring talent is competing against another top talent nationwide, and technological resources available are incredible supplements to learning.

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